Sunday, January 25, 2009

First through Third Tool Academy Shows

Ok, i'm going off memory here.  But to quote Roger Rabbit, "Shawn from Tool Academy is an actor, let me count the ways!"......

1.  The guy sets the mood and tone for the rest of the group of guys.  i.e. Episode 2, he was the first to get up during therapy, he set the tone for how the guys were supposed open up.  He started crying so all the other guys would think, "Ok, i'll get real and say some serious things and open up as well".  Also, he was the quarterback for the football game in the first episode, so he was able control that segment.

2.  The guy is just too stereotypical.  He's always saying very typical and corny phrases. i.e. 'what the f**** bro?!!? or 'who needs therapy?'  It seems like he's trying to act like a dumb meat head.

3.  When ever he or his girlfriend is talking about their relationship, everything is vague.  There are no specifics.

4.  Episode 2 was completely unbelievable.  The bomb that shawn had two girlfriends at the same time was just over the top.  Then neither of the girls were crying when all three were face to face.

5.  I swear i've seen Shawn's girlfriend, Aida before on TV or the movies.  And i've seen a post where someone thought that Shawn was on another reality show before.

6.  When Shawn's new girlfriend, Aida showed up, none of the other girls were 'feeling' her.  I don't think they believe she is genuine.

7.  There was an out-take on that showed the girls deliberating about which guy should be expelled and they all said that during the dancing segment in Episode 2 that there was no connection between Shawn and Aida.

8.  He's always initiating drama, whether asking loaded questions to the other guys or making crazy comments or flying off the handle.

9.  During the promo for Episode 3, M.e.g.a. called Shawn fake.  I believe the cast doesn't think Shawn and Aida are legitimate either.

10.  Watching the promo for Episode 4, Shawn starts telling M.e.g.a. that he believes M.e.g.a. is just putting on an act and he and his girlfriend are fake and trying to scam the show out of the $100,000 prize.  Shawn is deflecting, and trying to take any doubt about him not being real and putting it on to M.e.g.a.

This is all i can recollect right now, as i catch reruns i'll update if anything else seems suspicious. Let me if you agree or just think i'm crazy.

First Post (overview)

Hello Readers, 

First, let me say that this blog is pure speculation and i expect to get positive and negative responses from you readers regarding my hypothesis.  What i don't expect is for anyone to be surprised at the claim that a reality show is not real.  Maybe i should change the name of the blog to: All reality shows are fake.  Are there any real reality shows?  And if no reality show can claim to be 100% real, then where do you draw the line to say, "Ok, there is some manipulation to this reality show and i'll accept it as 'kind of genuine'."  Or to say, "Ok, there's too much manipulation to this reality show and it is FAKE!"?  And then when do you say, "Ok, i'm wasting my life on the superfluous!!"